Brother ScanNCut Rotary Auto Blade Kit for DX Series

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Product Overview

The rotary auto blade is designed to cut fabric without backing such as an iron-on applique sheet. The rotary auto blade makes it possible to cut delicate and stretch fabrics by minimizing the fraying of fabric edges. The characteristics of the rotary auto blade make it suitable for cutting large patterns with few sharp angles. Use the included activation card to activate this kit in CanvasWorkspace Web and download a recipe book and 63 patterns that allow you to create a variety of projects using different types of fabric. The downloaded patterns can be imported into the machine and edited. This kit is compatible only with the Brother ScanNCut DX cutting machine.

A new edition to the ScanNCut DX blade suite, the Rotary Auto Blade Kit is perfect for the crafter or sewist who can’t get enough of fabric cutting! Perfect for delicate fabrics, you can make an applique out of almost anything. From lace to semi-sheer materials the Rotary Auto Blade is the perfect addition to your craft or sewing room.

Includes: Blade Holder, Blade and 63 Design Activation Card

  • Contents: 15 quilt piecing patterns, 40 letters, 8 projects such as pincushion, stuffed toy, flower, 3D applique and more.
  • Perfect for fabric cutting and applique!
  • Precision cutting for specialty fabrics like tulle and velvet.
  • Compatibility: DX Series Brother Cutting Machines


  • Cut delicate materials: Easily cut delicate materials with minimal faying such as tulle, sequin or velvet!
  • 63 Design Activation Card: The Rotary Auto Blade Kit comes with 63 different cut files so you can create more
  • Its Auto Blade Technology: The Rotary Auto Blade manually adjusts pressure settings so you don't have to!
  • More projects to get you inspired: Project book included - showcasing plush lettering, small stuffed animals and more!
  • Cut materials without backing: You don't need an iron-on applique sheet while using the rotary auto blade!
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Package Dimensions  14.90 x 24.5 x 3.5 cm (WxHxD)
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