Brother ScanNCut Auto Blade Holder

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An indispensable accessory for your ScanNCut DX machine, the Brother CADXHLD1Auto Blade Holder is designed to hold the Brother ScanNCut DX Auto Blade (sold separately). Use these two accessories together to easily and precisely cut through a wide variety of materials like paper, thick fabric, vinyl, foam and more with thicknesses ranging from 0.1mm - 3.0mm, depending on the material. This holder does not accommodate the Thin Fabric Auto Blade or other Brother Cutting machine blades.

NO MATERIAL SELECTION REQUIRED: The ScanNCut DX auto blade holder uses true automatic material sensor technology to detect the thickness of the material with no blade adjustment or material selection required.

CREATE MIXED MEDIA PROJECTS: Swap out our various holders (sold separately) in your ScanNCut to quickly shift between cutting, drawing, embossing, foiling and paper piercing. Always perform a trial/test cut to ensure a successful cut.

INCLUDES: One Auto Blade Holder, designed for use with ScanNCut DX Auto Blade CADXBLD1 (not included).

BROTHER GENUINE ACCESSORY: This blade holder is compatible with Brother ScanNCut DX cutting machines.

Guaranteed to fit Brother ScanNCut DX Models including: SDX125, SDX125E, SDX225


Cut Up to 3mm in Thickness

Precisely cut materials such vinyl, paper, felt, foam, fabric with backing, balsa wood up to 3mm in thickness. For use with the ScanNCut DX machine and ScanNCut DX Auto Blade holder (both are sold separately).

Fewer Steps - Less Work

Stay focused, and creative. With the ScanNCut DX Auto Blade Sensor Technology, the machine will auto-detect the material for you. No material selection is required so you can focus on your project, and save time.

ScanNCut DX Blades

Auto Blade Auto Blade Holder Thin Fabric Blade Holder Thin Fabric Blade
Use with: Auto Blade Holder Auto Blade Thin Fabric Auto Blade Thin Fabric Auto Blade Holder
For Cutting: up to 3mm up to 3mm fabric without backing fabric without backing
Machine Compatibility ScanNCut DX ScanNCut DX ScanNCut DX ScanNCut DX

ScanNCut DX Blade and Mat Guide

Alternate Item Numbers 012502652601
Product Dimensions
Package Dimensions  9.50 x 13.00 x 1.60 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.027 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.300 kg


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