Janome Stylus Touch Pen

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The stylus is used to maneuver through menus on machines containing interactive touchscreen technology. For sewing and embroidery machine models that have a touch screen or panel. The stylus touch pen is specially designed to bring more practicality when handling your sewing or embroidery machine with a screen or touch-sensitive panel. With the use of this pen, you will have more precision when touching the buttons you want. It has a special tip to avoid scratching the screen.

To see how this product works, watch the video below from 0:36. 

Works with ALL touchscreen Janome and Elna Sewing Machine Models.

For Example: 680 eXcellence (Plus), 730PRO eXcellence, 780 eXcellence (Plus), 830 eXpressive, 860 eXpressive, 900 eXpressive, 920 eXpressive, 9600, Continental M7, MC11000, MC11000SE, MC14000 Horizon, MC15000 Horizon, MC15000V3, MC400E, MC500E, MC550E, MC7700QCP, MC8200 Horizon, MC8200QC, MC8200QCPSE, MC8900 Horizon, MC8900QCP Horizon, MC8900QCPSE, MC9400QCP, Memory Craft 9450QCP, MC9850, MC9900 Horizon, Skyline S5, Skyline S6, Skyline S7, Skyline S9

Part # 860194002
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 0.50 x 0.50 cm
Package Dimensions 19.0 x 12.0 x 0.50 cm
Product Weight 0.005 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.070 kg



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review