Janome Finger Guard

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Use to protect your fingers from getting too close to the needle. 

There are many of us who like to encourage our children and grandchildren to sew and take great pleasure in watching their individual styles and creative talents blossom. We also know the importance of safety when young people are using sewing machines, especially with regard to "fingers" and "needles". We can go some way in helping to avoid some of those little accidents with the use of their Needle Finger Guards. These clever little safety devices will attach to Janome & Elna sewing machines to help prevent those fingers from getting too near the sewing needle.

Easy to attach - just loosen the foot holder screw, slide on the guard, adjust the position and then tighten up the screw to hold fast.

Note: Supervision is still recommended even with the finger guard fitted as it is not a substitute for careful attention.  

This accessory will fit on Janome machines in Category A-2, B:  Top loading machines (5/7 max stitch width, low shank)*

*Requires foot holder screw as shown in the picture below

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review