Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9480 QCP Sewing Machine

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Product Overview

Dream it. Now, go make it with a sewing machine to elevate your creative perspective. The Horizon MC9480QC Professional sewing and quilting machine is a reflection of your vision and a window into your imagination. Ergonomically designed with line-of-sight access buttons and features that will transform the way you sew, quilt, and appliqué. The large 5" high-def touch screen makes it so easy to navigate through the 400 built-in stitches, 11 one-step buttonholes, and 4 fonts with 9 mm block capitals and numbers. For all the ways you sew, the built-in applications provide a variety of pre-set stitch functions: Stitch tapering, Pattern selection, Mirroring, Rulerwork mode, Variable zig zag, and Floating mode for tricky fabrics. 

Hi-Definition Sewing and Quilting™ results. Travel new roads of expression with stitch-regulated free motion sewing with the A.S.R. (Acurate Stitch Regulator). Compatible with the MC9480QCP - Sold separately. And when you're elbows deep in fabric making the next wonder project, exploring new functions is easy with the built-in support or the free AcuSpark2 app.

With the Janome MC9480QCP, if you can dream it, you can make it.

To learn more about the 'Janome Horizon Memory Craft 9480 QCP Machine', download the manual here or watch the videos below!

Main Features

  • Ergonomically designed with easy-to-reach buttons
  • High-Def 5" touchscreen with stylus (16 Languages)
  • Sewing applications with built-in support
  • 400 Built-in stitches, including 4 fonts
  • 11 One-step buttonholes
  • Enhanced 7-piece feed dog
  • 11" to the right of the needle
  • Maximum sewing speed: 1,060 SPM
  • Maximum stitch width: 9 mm
  • Maximum stitch length: 5 mm
  • 91 Needle positions
  • Superior Needle Threader 2
  • Top loading full rotary hook
  • Extra high presser foot lift
  • Snap-on presser feet
  • Auto tension system
  • Twin needle guard
  • Bright LED lighting (4 locations)
  • Retractable sewing light
  • Auto power-off timer
  • Drop feed sensor
  • Remote thread-cutter port
  • Speed control slider
  • Control Buttons: Start/stop, Locking stitch, Automatic thread cutter, Easy reverse, Needle up/down (Memorized)
  • Automatic presser foot lift
  • Stitch length and stitch width adjustment dials
  • AcuSpark2 App: Machine learning and support
  • Stitch Composer software
  • Easy set bobbin
  • AcuFeed™ Flex layered fabric feeding system
  • One-step needle plate conversion
  • 3 Needle plates: Zigzag, Straight stitch with needle position for 1/4" seam foot, Professional grade HP
  • Advanced plate markings
  • Built-in sewing applications
  • Functions: Tapering, Pattern selection, Mirroring, Rulerwork mode, Variable zig zag for free motion sewing, Floating mode for tricky fabrics
  • Low bobbin sensor
  • USB communication port
  • Dual storage bins and top accessory compartment

Included Accessories

  • Accessory case
  • Zigzag foot A, Over edge foot M, Rolled hem foot (3mm) D, Zipper foot E, Satin stitch foot F, Open-toe satin stitch foot F2, Blind hem foot G, 1/4˝ Seam foot O, 1/4˝ seam foot without quilting guide O, Closed-toe darning foot PD-H, Open-toe darning foot PD-H, Free motion quilting (closed-toe foot QC, open-toe foot QO, Zigzag foot QV), Variable zigzag foot QZ, Ruler work foot QR, Automatic buttonhole foot R with stabilizer plate, Button sewing foot T
  • Professional grade foot HP, AcuFeed Flex professional grade foot HP2, AcuFeed Flex dual/twin foot holder with AD foot,
  • Button shank plate
  • Cloth Guide and quilting guide bar
  • Foot controller
  • Remote thread-cutter
  • Adjustable knee lifter
  • Extra wide extension table
  • Semi-hard cover
  • Instruction book

Click here MC9480QDC for more information and videos.


Quarter Inch Foot without Guide

Quilters know that a precise quarter-inch seam is the key to precision-pieced patterns. Personal preference often dictates the just-right pairing of sewist and accessory foot to achieve those results. The new flangeless Quarter Inch foot removes the guide from Janome's traditional O foot for improved visibility and exact seam placement.

Ruler Quilting

Expand your quilting options and take advantage of the wide array of precision templates on the market for ruler-guided quilting. Engage the Ruler Work mode in Sewing Applications and use the new Ruler Work foot (QR) to safely follow along the guiding edge of precision cut templates. Achieve beautiful and consistent quilting design results previously only available to longarm quilters.

Variable Zig Zag open toe foot

The new open toe Variable Zigzag (VZZ) foot (QZ) makes it easy to follow your stitch progress when using this unique Janome function. See precisely where you wish to widen or narrow your zig zag stitch with the hands-free adjustment of the knee lifter


Open-Toe Darning Foot (PD-H)

For quilters who prefer to free motion with a darning foot, an opening in the front is a must! This open-toe darning foot makes the needle very easy to see.

The High Light™

The adjustable High Light and nine Ultra Bright LED lamps are everything you need for a shadow-free workspace. The adjustable High Light pulls out to give direct light in the needle area and the nine LEDs illuminate the bed area. 

AcuFeed Flex™

The AcuFeed Flex Layered Fabric Feeding System is the best on the market. AcuFeed Flex perfectly guides your fabric from the top and bottom. Perfect for quilts, plaids and any sewing requiring precise control.

Numerous Needle Plates

Sewists are always striving for perfection in their sewing, even as they tackle various fabric types and sewing styles. 

NEW Needle Plate & Foot

Accurate stitches and perfect starts on any type of fabric has gotten easier. This narrow gauge industrial foot and straight stitch plate are great for curves and precise topstitching

Spacious Sewing Bed

The ample work area and ergonomic design allows for more quilt room. The MC9400 provides 11” to the right of the needle and 15 ½” of total work area. The needle area is sleek and trim so you can easily see as you work.

Superior Needle Threader

Threading could not be easier. Set your thread, push the lever, release and sew. The Superior Needle Threader’s advanced design feeds the thread through the eye of the needle with precise accuracy every time.

9mm Zig Zag

Stitch up to 9mm wide stitches - the extra width makes all of your decorative stitches bolder, brighter, and more distinct. 

Ergonomic Design

The sewing head and needle area are sleek and trim so you can easily see as you work. 

Advanced Touchscreen

The advanced LCD touchscreen shows all of the information you need to sew with ease. Select new stitches and memorize your favorites for quick access. 

Stitch Composer: Create Your Own Designs

Create your own stitch patterns from scratch! The program is easy to use, and transferring stitches to your machine is easy using the built-in USB port.

Stitches & Extras

Choose from 350 different stitches and 11 buttonholes. There is also an amazing array of 19 standard feet and accessories including Cloth Guide, Extra-Wide table, dust cover, and included Stitch Composer software. 

Auto Presser Foot Lift

The presser foot lift on the MC9400 automatically lifts the presser foot after a thread cut. This feature can be set to raise at the end of any seam, with the needle in the down position for easy pivoting. 

Precision Markings

The Patented Needle Plate Markings on the MC9400 provide comprehensive measurements right under the needle so that the pivots points and angle lines are right where you need them to be. 

One Step™ Needle Plate Conversion

The One Step Plate Converter allows for no screws or tools. Simply push the lever to release the plate and snap a new one in place. The MC9400 comes with three standard needle plates: The Standard Zig Zag, Straight Stitch and the Professional ¼” Needle Plate. 

Memorized Piecing

The Memorized Quilt Seaming feature on the MC9400 memorizes the length of your seams. When sewing, the machine will stop exactly where it should for each quilt seam.

Auto Pivot

When working on applique, the Auto-Pivot function allows for fast and accurate stitching, especially along corners and curves. 

Model Summary

Hook Type Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
Thread Tension Control Automatic
Maximum Stitch Width 9mm
Feed System AcuFeed
Easy Reverse Button Yes
Bobbin Winding Yes
Stitch Selection Touchscreen
Dual Voltage 80v - 240v Yes
Cover Semi-Hard Cover
Number of Stitches 350
Number of Buttonholes 11
Needle Threader Superior
Needle Up Down Memorized
Free Arm Yes
Drop Feed Yes
Needle Position 91 needle positions
Locking Stitch Button Yes
Twin Needle Guard Yes
Number of Stitch Combination 100
Last Stitch Recall Capability Yes
Knee Lift Yes
Machine Size W 20.8" x H 12.6" x D 9.6"
Machine Weight 29.1lb
Work Space 11" x 4.7"
Extra High Presser Foot Lift Yes
Foot Pressure Adjustment Yes
Maximum Stitch Length 5mm
Other Features
Comes with clear table
Programmable Jump Thread Trimming No
Adjustable Speed While Embroidering No
Flexible Stitch Travelings  
Auto Return Post Thread Break No
Adjustable Hoop Positioning No
Item # 9480QCP
Alternate Item Numbers
Product Dimensions
Package Dimensions  46.80 x 69.40 x 38.60 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 21.42 kg

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