Horizon MC 15000 Quilt Maker Accessory Upgrade Kit

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Horizon MC 15000 Quilt Maker Accessory Upgrade Kit

This kit is for the Memory Craft 15000 v2 or v1. Included in the kit are five feet and one needle plate that will upgrade your current sewing and quilting experience! Each foot has been developed with your creative needs in mind.

*NOTE - Before using these accessories, you need to update your MC15000 to the Quilt Maker version.*

Ruler Work Foot (QR): This foot was developed for doing ruler work. Guide quilting templates along the edge of the foot to create straight, curved,
or repetitious patterns depending on your ruler or quilting template. The v-shaped gap in the front enhances visibility.

Open-Toe Darning Foot (PD-H): For quilters who prefer to free motion with a darning foot, an opening in the front is a must! This open-toe darning foot makes the needle very easy to see.

Variable Zigzag Open-Toe Foot (QZ): An open type variable zigzag foot which makes it easy to see your stitches as they form. Especially useful for detailed areas, layered stitch finishing or thread painting.

Professional Grade Foot & Needle Plate (HP): A combination of a slim foot and special matching needle plate that mimics what you would find on industrial sewing machines. The foot’s compactness makes it especially suitable for curve sewing and 1/4” piecing.

Quarter Inch Seam Foot Without Guide (O): Seasoned quilters prefer to use a 1/4” Seam foot without the assistance of a guide to avoid catching on the seam allowance. There is even a 1/4” guide line on the left side of the needle drop for added convenience.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review