PFAFF Creative Fantasy Embroidery Hoops & Feet

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PFAFF Creative Fantasy Big Embroidery Hoops & Feet (G, Big, Endless, Round, Cap)

Creative Fantasy Embroidery Foot - E, G

Use when stitching an embroidery design in a hoop. This foot was conceived especially for use with the embroidery functions of Pfaff sewing and embroidery machines. But it is also perfect for stitching free-motion embroideries, such as monograms. Lower your machines feed dogs, attach this special sewing foot and move the fabric evenly. Don't forget to use embroidery stabiliser! Feet Pfaff Creative Embroidery Foot Pfaff

For PFAFF Machines:-
Category E: Only Creative 2124.
Category G: Creative 2134, 2140, 2144 and 2170.

Creative Fantasy Big Hoop (225 x 90 mm)

Accessory Embroidery Hoop for Sensational Oversized Stitch Combinations (225 x 90 mm)

Let's you combine stitch designs and long sequences of letter to create gorgeous, oversized embroidery motifs. Sew them easily at one time without removing the fabric from the hoop. 

Made in Germany

Contents: Creative Fantasy Big Hoop Stencil, Simple Instructions

Creative Endless Hoop (180 x 100 mm)

 With the creative™ hoops from PFAFF®, you can expand your embroidery machine’s potential and achieve the most professional results. All designs will be perfect, no matter what the size. To decorate your fashion and home dec projects with beautiful embroidered borders, the Pfaff creative Endless Hoop is the perfect accessory. This hoop is used to create Embroidered Borders that run continuously along an edge. Great for table cloths, runners, Dress hems, pillow cases & sheets, and so much more. Now you can stitch a design over and over again, making it as long as you want without any complicated re-hooping! Hoop size is 180 x 100 mm - the result is endless! Including: Three exclusive designs free on CD with the purchase of a creative endless hoop. Approx Size: 180 x 100 mm (7.09 x 4 inches). Suitable for: Creative 2124, 2134, 2140, 2144 and 2170.

Round Hoop (120 x 115 mm)

Pfaff Creative 2124, 2140, 2134, 2144, 2170 Round Hoop 120 X 115.

Creative Fantasy Cap Hoop

Makes it simple to embroider caps in almost no time at all. Choose from PFAFF's huge selection of gorgeous embroidery designs and create fantastic caps you and your friends will love!

Contents: Creative Fantasy Cap Hoop, Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric, Simple Instructions





(No reviews yet) Write a Review