PFAFF Creative ambition 640 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

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Product Overview

The PFAFF Creative ambition 640 Sewing & Embroidery Machine is

To learn more about the 'PFAFF Creative ambition 640 Machine', watch the videos below!

Main Features

  • mySewnet

Additional world-class features of the PFAFF Creative ambition 640:

mySewnet™ the world’s first subscription for embroidery editing and design.


Tap into the world’s only cloud-based embroidery software

Take advantage of mySewnet™ with even more freedom. 

SUBSCRIBE – 90- day free trial of mySewnet™  Silver embroidery software with editing tools and mySewnet™ library included.

MANAGE – Get help and instructions, monitor embroidery stitch-out process, design placement, and more.  Free Android™ and iOS® apps allow you to connect your phone or tablet to your machine even if they are not on the same WiFi® network.

CREATE – Use Project Creator to develop interactive sewing instructions with images, designs, and stitches, and share with friends.  Access instruction on-screen and load stitches and designs directly from the instructions to make projects easy to create and replicate.


Browse, Create and Modify Embroideries

Subscribe to mySewnet™ embroidery, the industry’s only subscription-based software service, to bring you the full capabilities of the creative ambition 640 sewing and embroidery machine.

mySewnet™ BASIC – 

Complimentary access included with machine purchase

  • Includes embroidery edit features such as color change, scale, and more!
  • Android™ and iOS® apps for help and project instructions, design placement, stitch out monitoring, and photo stitch functions.

mySewnet™  SILVER –

Includes all that mySewnet™ BASIC offers, plus

  • Lettering: More than 200 high-quality embroidery fonts
  • Resize:  Change the size of your embroidery designs with automatic density recalculation
  • More than 2,000 Super Designs that are built to e resized to any size!
  • Encore, Split and Endless Wizard helps you modify your embroideries or create unique designs for your project
  • Access and use of 5,000 patterns in mySewnet™ library included at no additional cost!  (requires a mySewnet™ enabled sewing machine) 

mySewnet™ PLATINUM –

Includes all that mySewnet™ SILVER offers, plus

  • The subscription that stays up-to-date!
  • Create your own designs with our most powerful embroidery software yet.
  • The most tools in the market for assisted digitizing included new and unique Spiro Design Wizard
  • World-class, full digitizing in three creative modes, Quick Create, Freehand Create, or Precise Create
  • New embellishment tool to create unique ribbon embroideries

And much, much more!


Take Creativity with Cutting-edge Capabilities

A leader in the industry, the PFAFF® brand delivers functional design intending to bring out the best in every project and every stitch.  The advanced accessories of the creative ambition 640  sewing and embroidery extend your capabilities in terms of materials scope and ease.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review