Janome Open-Toe Satin Stitch Foot (F2), 7mm

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The open toe on this foot allows a better view of the sewing in progress. This foot can be used for quilting, monogramming, applique,  cutwork, satin, taper and decorative stitches. The tunnel on the underside of the foot feeds smoothly over the stitches and the open front gives greater visibility for accuracy. This foot can also be referred to as a Custom Crafted Zig-Zag Foot. This foot is supplied with some of our Janome models.

Designed with a bevelled underside and two outer footings with metal base strips. Having a small footprint, makes it ideal for sewing dense satin stitches or decorative stitch patterns, as the foot travels smoothly over sewn stitches, without compressing or flattening, leaving a decorative raised finish. The clear plastic and open-toe, makes for easy viewing while stitching; plus a centre needle mark on the foot, indicates the centre needle drop position; the sewer can confidently follow a marked line on fabric, using the centre needle position marker.

To learn more about the 'Janome Open-Toe Satin Stitch Foot (F2)', download the brochure heredownload the free project here, or watch the videos below!

Presser Foot Shank Type: Snap-On

Presser Foot Type: Satin Stitch Foot

This accessory will fit on Janome machines in Category B, C-1 & C-2: Top loading machines (7mm max stitch width - low/high shank)

Which Category feet does my machine take? A-1, A-2, B, C-1, C-2, D-1 or D-2?

To understand whether your machine is low shank or high shank, view the Presser Foot Guide here.

Guaranteed to fit Janome (Newhome) Sewing Machine Models:

2030DC, 2040, 2160QDC, 3018DC, 3160QDC, 4045LX, 4045NX, 4048, 405, 4119(Quilter's delight), 4120QDC, 415, 419S, 423S, 4612, 4618, 4618LE, 4623, 4623LE, 49018, 49360, 509, 521, 525S, 5812, 6019QC, 6050, 6100, 6125QC, 625E, 6260QC, 652, 653, 659, 660 Jem Gold, 661 Jem Gold 2, 661G-Jem Gold Plus, 662-Jem Silver, 665-Jem Gold III, 7061NX, 712T, 740DC, 720 Jem Platinum, 760 Jem Platinum, 7306, 7312, 7318 Magnolia, 7325 Magnolia, 7330 Magnolia, 7360 Magnolia, 8048, 8077, 808, 8080, 808A, AMH-M100, AQS2009, CE2200, Classmate S-750, DC1018, DC1050, DC2007LE, DC2010, DC2011, DC2012, DC2013, DC2014, DC2015, DC3018, DC3050, DC4030, DC4030P, DC5100, Decor Excel 5018, Decor Excel 5024, Decor Excel Pro 5124, DS3500, DX2015, DX2022, DX2030, DX502, Harmony 4052LX, HD3000, Hello Kitty 15822, Hello Kitty 18750, HF3000, HF3022, HF4045LX, HF5024, HF5812, HF8050, HF8077, HT2008, HT2008LE, JHN1860, JNH720, JS1008, JW7630, MC10000, MC10001, MC11000, MC11000 Special Edition, MC2400, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4400, MC4400QC, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5000, MC5001, MC5002, MC5200, MC5500, MC5700, MC6000, MC6300P, MC6500P, MC6600, MC6600P, MC7000, MC7500, MC7700QCP, MC8000, MC8100, MC9000, MC9500, MC9700, ME4014, ME4018, ME4123, ML3023, MO200, MOD-100, MOD-100Q, MOD-15, MOD-19, MOD-200, MOD-30, MOD-50, MS-3015, MS-5027, MyStyle 100, NH2014, NQM2016, S2015, S-3023, S-650, S-950, Schoolmate S3015, Schoolmate S7330, Sew Precise, Sewist 500, Sewist 721, Sewist 780DC, SD2014, Skyline S3, Skyline S5, SL2022, SR2000, SR2100, SS2015, SW2018E, XL601, MC11000SE, MC11000, MC10001, MC10000, MC9700, MC9500, MC9000, MC8000, MC5700, MC5000, XC500, Memory Craft 6600, NPCF50, Skyline S3, Atelier 3, Horizon MC7700QCP/New Home Memory Craft 7700 QCP (JNH7700), MC6600P

Guaranteed to fit Elna Sewing Machine Models:

2600, 2800, 3003, 3005, 3007, 320 eXplore, 3210, 3230, 340 eXplore, 5100, 5200, eXcellence 580+, eXperience 520, eXperience 520s, eXperience 540, eXperience 540s, eXperience 550, eXperience 560, eXperience 570, eXperience 580, 5300, 6001, 6003, 6003Q, 6004, 6005 Heirloom, 6200, 620 eXperience, 6200, 660 eXperience, 6600, 720 eXcellence, eXplore 150, eXplore 160, 7200 PRO, 7300, 740 eXcellence, 8006, 8007, 8600, 9006, 9500, 9600, CE20, Lotus

Guaranteed to fit Kenmore Sewing Machine Models:

384.18024000, 385.16524000, 385.18836090, 385.1884180, 385.19150090, 385.19157, 385.1950180, 385.1950280, 385.1960180

Guaranteed to fit Necchi Sewing Machine Models:

EX100, EX30, EX60, NE30, QS60

Part # 832427103
Alternate Part Numbers 200137003, 395731-99, 395741-65, 200137025, NE200137003
Product Dimensions 3.00 x 1.70 x 0.60 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.015 kg
Package Dimensions  6.50 x 15.00 x 2.10 cm (WxHxD)
Package Weight 0.035 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.090 kg



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