Introduction to Bra-Making Class with Kaitlyn (3-Day)

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Product Overview

Lanai Wireless Bra Pattern by LilypaDesigns - All Bodies Custom Lingerie

Call the store or register online to reserve a seat now!  This class will be offered in-store & is open to anyone of any gender, orientation, size or race that wishes to learn how to sew a bra.

Skill Level: Intermediate

Course Dates: See Class Calendar. Dates are fixed.

Course Times: See Class Calendar. Some classes with a one-hour break.

Cost: $185 plus kit fee

Kit Fee (consist of 2 bra kits): $130 for persons sewing cup sizes A to GG and $175 for persons sewing cup sizes GG to KK** (will pay the $45 difference in class fee on/before first class date)

Learn to sew a bra with Kaitlyn Heaton, maker behind All Bodies Custom Lingerie. We will learn all the skills needed for bra-making by working our way through the Lanai Wireless bra pattern. This is a size-inclusive pattern - band sizes range from rib cage measurements of 26" to 44" and cup sizes roughly equivalent from AA to KK cups. It is a full-coverage wireless bra that features separation and support!  This bra is COMFY!

Topics covered in the class will include:

  • Introduction to bra terminology
  • How to take measurements for a bra
  • Introduction to bra-making materials - fabrics, elastics, findings, and hardware
  • How to sew the different components of the bra
  • Discussion on identifying fitting adjustments and demonstration of how to make those fitting adjustments to your pattern
  • Where to find suppliers and other bra-making resources
  • Bonus content if there is time will include: exposure to more advanced bra-making materials and sewing techniques, how to choose other bra patterns based on the unique shape of your anatomy, and fitting underwires

After taking our measurements and trying on fitting samples, you will have a great idea of what size to start with. Your first bra project will be a white bra with contrasting thread to best practice your new skills. Materials will also be provided to begin working on your second bra, which you will be able to choose among my basic colours - white, blush pink, latte, caramel, cinnamon, and black. This class is open to people of all genders, orientations, sizes, and races. 

This is not a Learn to Sew course, so participants are expected to be familiar with the operation of their sewing machine and basic sewing construction. Your sewing machine should be capable of straight and zig-zag stitches. If you can set-in a sleeve, you will be able to sew a bra! 

**This kit fee includes your sewing pattern, all the materials necessary to sew a white bra with contrast thread in your size, AND all the materials necessary to sew another bra in your choice of my basic colours. The GG to KK cup sizes use double layers of fabric as well as boning to provide support and therefore requires a bit more materials.

Bra-Making Class – Supply List 

Kit will be provided (containing: pattern, materials to make a white initial bra, materials for second bra in choice of colour), contrast thread for white bra, wire for root traces, pattern weights, tracing paper, boob hams, and class handouts.  

Students should bring the following to class: 

  • Sewing machine capable of straight and zig zag stitches 
  • Pins (silk glass head pins recommended) 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Small fabric scissors 
  • Duck bill scissors (optional) 
  • 28mm rotary cutter (or fabric shears if your wrist doesn't do well with rotary cutters) 
  • Regular sewing machine foot 
  • 1/4" foot and edge stitching foot (optional) 
  • 75 stretch needles and 80 microtex needles 
  • Stitch Ripper
  • Ruler (at least 15 cm long) 
  • Drafting curves/french curves (optional) 
  • Pencil 
  • Fabric marking tools (Clover Water Erasable pen, Clover Chaco Liners, or tailor's chalk
  • Pen for taking notes  

This class will be offered as a single class with 3 sessions on 3 separate days.   


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