Brother Open Toe Metal Foot, 5mm

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Open toe foot for 5 mm feed dogs on vertical bobbin case machines. Open Toe foot is used with any application where extra visibility while sewing is desired. Use where visibility is important for seams with markings or curves and pattern markings. Wide opening for wide range of left to right needle positions. The Open Toe Foot is used with any application where extra visibility is desired. Uses include sewing where visibility is important such as seams with markings or curves, pattern markings, or applique stitching as well as for ease in embellishment. 


  • Metal Open Toe Foot To attach appliqué motifs.
  • This foot is perfectly fitted to appliqueing, matching pattern and etc.
  • The open toe foot gives you greater visibility while sewing.
  • Compatible with PE-300S, PS-1000 to 2500, PC-2800 to 8500 (5-7mm width)

Presser Foot Shank Type: Snap-On

Presser Foot Type: Satin Stitch Foot

Guaranteed to fit Brother Machines:

BM3700, BM3850, CS100T, GX37, JX2517, LS1520, LS1717, LS2125, LS2125i, LS2400, LS30, LX2500, LX3014, LX3125, LX3125E, LX3817, Pacesetter PS21, Pacesetter PS3700, Simplicity SB170, Simplicity SB530T, SM1400, SM1704, SM1738D, ST371HD, ST531HD, VX-1400, XL-3022, XL-3030, XL-3100, XL5130, XL5232, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6562, XM1010, XR-52C, XS37, JX2517, JX1410

Item # SA146
Alternate Item Numbers 12502102083
Package Dimensions 8.08 x 11.48 x 2.79 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.045 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.150 kg


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review