Bernina Walking Foot with Guide

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If you've ever struggled to feed your fabric through a sewing machine, you need a Walking Foot. Also known as a "Dual Feed Foot" and "Even Feed Foot", the Walking Foot is an essential tool for any sewer. This foot has built-in feed dogs that grip your fabric for better control. Sewing multiple layers of fabric professionally and with ease.

Presser Foot Shank Type: Bernina - New Style

Presser Foot Type: Walking Foot (Even Feed) Foot

Guaranteed to fit Bernina Sewing Machines (120-200 series & more)

B215, Activa 125, Activa 130, Activa 125S, Activa 135, Activa 135S, Activa 140, Activa 145, Activa 145S, Activa 210, Activa 220, Activa 230, Activa 230PE, Activa 240, Artista 165, Artista 170, Artista 180, Artista 185, Artista 200, Artista 630, Artista 640, Artista 730, Aurora 430, Aurora 435, Aurora 440QE, Aurora 450, B330, B350, B350PE Patchwork Edition, B350SE Best Friend, B380, B530, B535, B530SE, B535, B550QE, B555, B570 Quilters Edition, B560, B580, B590, B710, B720, B740, B750QE, B770QE, B780, B790, B790 Plus, B820, B830, B880, B880 Plus, Virtuosa 150, Virtuosa 153, Virtuosa 153QE, Virtuosa 155, Virtuosa 160, Virtuosa 163

Part # P60443
Alternate Item Numbers 008969.71.00, 008969.72.00, 0089697000, 0089697300
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Package Dimensions  15.39 x 15.39 x 3.40 cm (WxHxD)
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