Bernina Cordonnet Foot #11 (Buttonhole Twist)

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BERNINA Cordonnet Foot #11 is ideally suited for topstitching and decorative work with cordonnet thread or other thicker topstitching threads. The 2-mm-deep groove under its sole allows Cordonnet Foot #11 to glide smoothly even over thicker threads, as well as ensuring even fabric feed at all times. It also enables smooth, precise sewing of sashiko patterns and other decorative designs. 

TIP: When sewing with Cordonnet Foot #11, use needle with a sufficiently large eye and normal bobbin thread, and adjust the thread tension where necessary. 

Cordonnet Foot #11 can be used on a large number of BERNINA sewing machines – from the entry-level model up to the BERNINA 8 Series. 

To learn more about the 'Bernina Cordonnet Foot #11', download the manual heredownload the special Foot Book for Cordonnet Foot #11, or watch the videos below!

  • Specialist for working with cordonnet thread
  • For sewing and topstitching with cordonnet as the upper thread
  • Also for sewing sashiko patterns and the like
  • The groove on the bottom of the sole ensures an even fabric feed
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

You can achieve wonderful results while decorating fabrics or creating striking topstitching using cordonnet thread. The video tutorial below demonstrates how you can use it to easily achieve ravishing textile creations and which settings you will need to have on your Bernina machine.

The Cordonnet Foot #11, combined with a topstitch needle, helps create a uniform connection of the top and bobbin threads. In the video below you will find out how to attach the presser foot and needle, and which settings are best to make the most of your textile design.

There are various types of stitches available to use with this foot — such as zigzag, decorative or hem stitches. You can also use the straight edge guide to create wonderfully even lined or curved patterns to give your project that perfect look.

The Cordonnet Foot is great for decorating ideas too — sew wire into a satin stitch seam to create textile objects that can be shaped however you want! 

Also, use this foot also to couch heavier yarns or cords. The 5.5mm opening of this foot will accommodate many weights and textures of cord, yarn or thread. Other applications for this foot include: Passementerie and Novelty covered wire (where satin stitching is sewn over wire to produce accents for wreaths, gift wraps and crafts).

This is a type A foot. To check if this foot fits your Bernina see the guide below.

​​​​​​​500 Models: 530, 532, 534 and 540

600 Models: 600, 610, 640 (not Artista 640), 642, 644

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