Beginner Sewing Class: Part 1

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Product Overview

Beginner Sewing Class Part 1 - Non-garment project-based learning

Supply List:

·         Sewing Machine, foot pedal, power cord, all attachments, manual

·         Sewing Kit: Scissors or snips, stitch ripper, stiletto or awl, measuring tape and ruler, pins, pin cushion, clips, marking tool, hand sewing needles, thimble.

·         Rotary Cutter, ruler, and mat *Optional*

·         Thread, bobbins, needles

·         Pen/Pencil and paper for notes.

 Class Overview

This class is scheduled for one session, of 6 hours instruction time.

 The Beginner Sewing Part 1 (non-garment) class is one of the beginning foundations of your new sewing adventure. You will receive information to help you get comfortable with your sewing machine and gain fundamental skills, knowledge and practice using it.


The objectives of the class are as follows:

·         To learn the basics of operating a sewing machine, threading, tension, needles (recommend useful resources).

·         To learn how to make a button hole, how to sew a zipper, and to create a stitch guide/chart.

·         To Practice sewing straight and curved lines.

·         To sew a project or two, to practice the skills learned.

·         To learn the composition of fabric, and cutting and sewing directional fabric (nap).

·         To learn how to measure, mark, cut. Rotary cutting will be demonstrated.

·         To learn proper ironing/pressing and why it’s important.

 A kit will be provided (for a fee), to use for the class projects, however; you still need the basic supply as listed.

 Lana is looking forward to undertaking this adventure with you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review