Tutto 24-Inch 1XL Large Roller Bag

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Product Overview

The 24" Monster Machine On Wheels Case, an innovative transportation system from Tutto. Award-winning, medically endorsed case provides back-saving, lightweight transport of all sewing supplies. Manufactured from ballistic nylon and features a fiberglass frame, top-side-opening for easy access, stable 4-wheel base, two inside straps to secure your machine, mesh pockets for storage, collapses to 3" for easy storage and stacks up to 100 lbs but weighs only 12 lbs empty. This machine case fits most airplane overhead bins (Domestic USA only, might not meet international regulation). Tutto Monster series are designed for road/vehicle transporting. Not recommended for airline check-in. Perfect for sewers, quilters, and designers etc. 

To learn more about the 'Tutto 24-Inch Trolley Carry Case', download the brochure heredownload the instructions here, or watch the videos below!

Main Features

  • A sturdy frame protects your machine
  • Lightweight
  • Two outside tie-down straps to secure stackable items. Store the straps inside the front and back zipper pockets.
  • Side pockets for storage
  • Removable puller bar
  • Floating divider expands the depth
  • Mesh pockets for your fabrics
  • Two inside straps to secure your machine
  • Both top and front opening for easy access
  • Versatile pockets keep all your sewing tools organized
  • This bag does not have the zipper pull on top since the bag's width is too wide.
  • 4-wheel drive, turns on a dime.
  • Light to push or pull, and easy to lift up.
  • Collapsible machine bag for multiple purposes, and folds to 3" for storage.
  • Both top and front opening for easy access
  • Stacks up to 100 lbs items with two outside straps to secure.


  • Interior: 23"L x 15"H x 14"D
  • Top access: 19"L x 10"D
  • Exterior: 24"L x 16"H x 14"D
  • Front access: 21"L x 14"D
  • Weighs 12.00 lbs.

Included Accessories

  • 9224MA-1XL 24-Inch Trolley Carry Case 

Please make sure to measure your machine to ensure it will fit, and be sure to leave "wiggle" room for unknown protrusions.

Item # 9224MA-1XL
Alternate Item Numbers 9224MA
Product Dimensions
Package Dimensions  62.87 x 46.99 x 10.16 cm (WxHxD)
Package Weight 5.85 kg


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review