PRBW1: Brother Bobbin Winder Set

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Product Overview

Bobbin winder for the PR (Multi needle) series. Set your bobbin thread vertically on this stand and wind bobbins on this independent bobbin winder. Perfect for customizing bobbin thread colors.

Main Features

  • For Use With: Entrepreneur PR650, Entrepreneur PR650e, Entrepreneur PR655, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000, Entrepreneur Pro PR1000e, PR-600, PR-600C, PR600II, PR620, PR-655C

Includes Spool Pins, Cone Holders, Thread Spool Retention Caps, Bobbin Case Tension Weight, for Brother PQ1500, S6200A, PR600, PR650, PR1000, PRBW1 and any other sewing or embroidery machine without bobbin winder that takes standard L metal or plastic bobbins.

Brother PR Bobbin Winders are for Brother PR600 PR620 PR650 PR655 PR1000, and Babylock 6-10 Needle Embroidery Machines that do not have a built-in bobbin winder - for color bobbins matching top thread.

View the manual here.

Note: Brother PR600 PR650 PR1000 Bobbin Thread Specifications from the Instruction Manuals: "When winding the bobbin, be sure to use cotton or spun polyester bobbin thread (between 74 dtex/2 and 100 dtex/2)."

Can also be used with other brands of sewing machines.

Made to work with the following machines and others:
Brother PR 600, PR 600II, PR 620, PR650
Babylock EMP 6, BMP 6, BMP 8





(No reviews yet) Write a Review