Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Steam Iron with Solemate

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Product Overview

Hello! meet the Oliso project iron. Designed just for sewing, quilting + crafting. With the power of a full sized iron in a compact and lightweight design, the oliso project iron fits right next to your sewing machine or in your travel bag. The oliso project iron comes with a solemate so you can leave your oliso project iron in the face down position. The solemate also protects and allows you to store your oliso project iron easily and safely. The oliso project iron fits snugly into the palm of your hand and has been weight-balanced for precision movement and minimal strain on your wrist. It features a Diamond Coated Ceramic sole plate, flat pressing surface, detailer tip, and an 8-foot cord for full range of motion.

Features include:

  • Solemate™: Made of flexible + high-temperature silicone, allows you to place Me face down while ironing and quickly store away 
  • Built-in hook: With power cord tether for easy storage
  • 1000W:  Heats up in seconds.
  • Universal Voltage: Easily switch between 220/240V + 110/120V ideal for travel.
  • Diamond Coated Ceramic Solepate: Maintains even heat and effortlessly glides over fabrics.
  • 1-touch steam control: Gives you 2 steam settings: horizontal burst + vertical burst.
  • Ergonomic Design: Snugly fits into the palm of your hand and has weight-balanced for precision movement and minimal strain on your wrist.
  • 180° Pivot Cord: Pivot for both right + left hand use and stays safely out of your way.
  • Detailer Tip: My super-sharp detailer gets into the smallest seams and corners you never thought possible.
  • Fabric Selector: Evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics + wool + cotton.
  • Oliso 3 Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with Oliso's 3 Year Warranty.

The Mini Project Iron

The Mini Project Iron packs all the power of a full-sized iron in a compact space. Designed with crafters in mind, this iron is ideal for sewing and quilting. It's small footprint allows it to fit next to a sewing machine or in a travel bag, making it perfect for on-the-go ironing needs.

  • Fabric Selector & One-Press Steam Control
  • Diamond Coated Ceramic Soleplate
  • Precision Tip
  • SoleMate
  • Pivot Cord
  • Universal Voltage & 1000 Watts of Power

Fabric Selector

The fabric selector allows for an effortless switch between fabrics such as synthetics, wool, and cotton. Selecting a fabric will allow the Mini Project Iron to heat to the perfect temperature, maintaining an even heat for each of these fabrics. The Mini also features one-press steam control, making steaming quick and easy.

Diamond Coated Ceramic Soleplate

The diamond coated ceramic soleplate maintains an even heat, perfect for any ironing project. With the smooth finish, the soleplate allows the Mini Project Iron to effortlessly glide over fabrics. The precision tip gets into otherwise hard to reach places, ideal for appliqués, tight spots, and corners.


The dual-purpose SoleMate is included with every Mini Project Iron. The silicone trivet is perfect for travel and storage. The hook and cord tether keep the iron out of the way and neatly kept when not in use. The SoleMate also functions as a safe place to rest the Mini Project Iron during an ironing project, preventing burns and scorching of fabrics.

Pivot Cord & 1000 Watts of Power

The 2.5 meter long, 180° pivot cord allows for both right and left handed use, all while keeping the cord out of the way. And with 1000 Watts of power, the Mini Project Iron packs all the power of a full-sized iron, heating up fast yet fitting right next to a sewing machine or in a travel bag. The Mini Project Iron also features universal voltage, easily switching between 120v or 240v, perfect for travel.

Proper Usage Tip #1: Hand Position

To avoid burn injuries, place your hand on top of the iron, keeping your fingers away from the hot soleplate.

Proper Usage Tip #2: Turn temperature to Setting 1 when resting your iron

Prior to resting your iron, make sure the iron temperature is on setting 1 (low temp). Do not rest your iron with the temperature setting in position 2 (medium temp) or position 3 (high temp).

Proper Usage Tip #3: Use the the "Resting Side" of you Solemate when resting your iron

The dual-purpose solemate functions as a safe place to rest your iron and for storage. The "resting side" lets the hot soleplate safely rest every time during ironing and protects fabrics. The "storage side" easily snaps to the soleplate, for easy transportation and storage.

Part # 854537008028, 854537008035, 854537008288, 854537008295
Alternate Item Numbers 5802000, 5802001, 5802001, 5802001, M2Pro
Product Dimensions 16.51 x 25.40 x 12.70 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.998 kg
Package Dimensions (est.) 18.00 x 28.00 x 15.00 cm (WxHxD)
Package Weight ~1.30 kg
Shipping Weight ~1.50 kg



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