Janome Universal Sewing Table II

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Product Overview

The Janome Universal Sewing Table II has all the conveniences of a custom-fit sewing table, without the hassle and expense of buying a machine-specific table. With a table surface of 45" x 17.5", there is ample room for even large quilting projects! The optional strong canvas side pockets also give plenty of extra storage without sacrificing any sewing space. The shelf/drawer combination kit can also be ordered separately. This sizeable Janome Universal Table (Sewing Cabinet) accommodates a knee lift, contains one drawer, a foot control shelf, and provides a generous Formica finished sewing surface. Machines can sit in the table stably, with an insert plate filling the remaining space to provide a large, flat sewing surface. Not only is there more workspace, but the table helps sewing progress smoothly by preventing excess fabric from dangling down and interfering with your work. The recess in this table will allow all the mentioned machines to fit, however depending on the machine a plastic insert/template must be used to create a flat sewing surface. Customers are able to purchase the table on its own, or with the table inserts.

*The Universal Table II does not include the pictured drawer/shelf (ordered separately) or an insert for your machine. Please order the appropriate insert to fit your machine*

  • Table height: 29 3/4” (75.57 cm)
  • Top Dimensions: 45" x 17.5"
  • Assembly: Ready to assemble

Click here to view optional canvas side pockets: Coming Soon

Click here to view the optional Drawer and Shelf for Universal Sewing Table II

Inserts/Templates available: An insert is a piece of plastic that is made to fit your specific model of sewing machine. The Insert fills the gap between the sewing machine and the opening of the table to create a flat working surface.

Insert A | Part #: 494401101 fits: Janome 12000, 8900QCP, 8200QC, 7700QCP, Elna 760, 740, 740 Pro, 730, 730 Pro – Click link to view.

Insert B | Part #: 494402102 fits: Janome 6600P, 6500P, 6300P, 1600P-QC, Elna 7300, 720, Necchi QS60. Click link to view.

Insert C | Part #: 494403103 fits: Janome MC 11000, Elna 9600. Click link to view.

Insert D | Part #: 494405105 fits: Janome 9900, Elna 860. Click link to view.

Insert E | Part #: 494406106 fits: Janome MC 15000, MC 15000 SE, MC 14000, Elna eXpressive 920. Click link to view.

Insert F | Part #: 494407107 fits: Janome Skyline S3, S5, S6, S7, S9, Elna eXperience 580+, eXcellence 680+. Click link to view.

Insert G | Part #: 494408108 fits: Janome 9400 QCP, 9450 QCP, Elna eXcellence 780+. Click link to view.

Insert H | Part #: 494712005 fits: Janome MC 6700P, Elna 720 Pro. Click link to view.

Insert 1 | Part #: UI1 fits: Janome DC2019, DC2014 (and all DC20- models prior to DC2014), DC2013, DC2012, DC2011, DC2010, DC4030, DC5100, Magnolia 7330, Schoolmate S-7330, Necchi NE30. Click link to view: Coming Soon

Insert 2 | Part #: UI2 fits: Janome NPCF-50, DC2015, 3160 QDC, 4120 QDC, DC2030, DC1050, DC1018, Hello Kitty 18750. Click link to view: Coming Soon

Insert 3 | Part #: UI3 fits: Janome HD3000, HD5000, DE5018, DE5124, Schoolmate S-3015, 4623, 3018LE, My Excel 23X. Click link to view: Coming Soon

Insert 4 | Part #: UI4 fits: Janome 2206, 2212, 2222, 1108, 1122, Necchi FA16. Click link to view: Coming Soon

Insert 5 | Part #: UI5 fits: Magnolia 7318, 721, 709, 625e, Sewist 500, Sewist 525, Sewist 521. Click link to view: Coming Soon

Part # 494708101
Alternate Part Numbers 002494708101
Product Dimensions  114 x 75.57 x 44.5 cm (WxHxD)
Package Dimensions 118.11 x 50.80 x 20.32 cm
Product Weight 27.00 kg
Package Weight ~27.40 kg
Shipping Weight ~27.40 kg




(No reviews yet) Write a Review