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Janome Metal Bobbin Holder Case (1600 Series)

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Product Overview

For High-Speed straight stitch sewing. This is the Standard Bobin Case that would have come in your Janome 1600P, Janome 1600P-QC, Janome 1600P-DB, or Janome 1600P-DBX. The Janome Bobbincase can become bent or damaged if it's dropped on the floor; this is a replacement case or a second case. A second bobbin case is ideal when you want to set the tension tighter or looser for specialty threads. Bin 4B-2: Metal bobbin holder for Janome 1600P, 1600P-DB, 1600P-DBX, 1600P-QC

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models: 1600, 1600P, 1600P-DB, 1600P-DBX, 1600P-QC

Guaranteed to fit Elna Sewing Machine Models: 7100

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models: 7100

Guaranteed to fit PFAFF Sewing Machine Models: Grand Quilter

Guaranteed to fit Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machine Models: Mega Quilter

Part # 767510006
Product Dimensions
Package Dimensions (may not come packaged)  10.00 x 15.00 x 4.00 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.050 kg
Package Weight ~0.060
Shipping Weight ~0.120 kg



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review