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Janome Coverhem Serger Elastic Gathering Attachment (Wide)

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Product Overview

This elastic gathering attachment simplifies attaching elastic tape to waists, cuffs, undergarments and similar projects. Wide attachment for gathering elastic. It has an adjustable tension system for stretching the elastic as it is sewn to the material. The elastic gathering attachment is especially useful for making undergarments and children’s clothing. The wide workspace of the CoverPro means you can even add a bit of elastic in the middle of a garment, for example, to the waist of a dress.

Stitch Width: 9mm - 13.5mm

Needle Type: 3 Needle

This accessory will fit on Janome machines in CoverPro Series – Dedicated Cover Stitch Machines.

Which Category feet does my machine take? A-1, A-2, B, C-1, C-2, D-1 or D-2?

To understand whether your machine is low shank or high shank, view the Presser Foot Guide here.

Guaranteed to fit Janome CoverPro Machine Models: 900CP, 900CPX, 1000CP, 1000CPX, 2000CPX, 3000PX

Guaranteed to fit Elna Machine Models: EasyCover

Part # 795805101
Product Dimensions 8.30 x 11.40 x 2.50 (WxHxD)
Package Dimensions (may not come packaged)  9.65 x 12.95 x 4.10 cm (WxHxD)
Product Weight 0.023 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.200 kg



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(No reviews yet) Write a Review