Brother Narrow Zipper Foot

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With the Brother SA208 Narrow Zipper Foot, you can achieve virtually perfect finishes due to its sleek design. This foot allows you to sit along the edge of your zipper, trim, craft and sewing projects. Gain more visibility and precision with the Brother SA208 Narrow Zipper Foot as you can adjust the needle to the left or right of the foot for easier sewing.

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Presser Foot Shank Type: Snap-On

Presser Foot Type: Zipper Foot

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models: 

BM2800, BM2800CT, BM2800FG, BM3500, BM3700, BM3700CT, BM3700FG, BM3850, BM3850CT, CE4000, CE5000PRW, CE5500PRW, CP6500, CE7070PRW, CS100T, CS5055PRW, CS6000i, CS7130, CS7205, CS8800PRW, Laura Ashley® CX155LA, CX205LA, Designio DZ2400, Designio DZ3000, HC1850, Innov-ís NQ1300PRW, Innov-is NQ3600D, Innov-ís NQ550PRW, Innov-ís NQ575PRW, Innov-is NQ700PRW, Innov-is NQ900PRW, Innov-ís NS1750D, Innov-ís NS2750D, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 40e, Project Runway Limited Edition Innov-ís 85e, PC-420, PC420PRW, Simplicity SB3129, Simplicity SB4138, Simplicity SB530T, Simplicity SB8000, SC3000, SC707, SC9500, SE1800, SE600, SE625, SM8270, ST371HD, ST531HD, DreamMaker® XE VE2200, DreamCreator® XE VM5100, DreamWeaver® XE VM6200D, DreamCreator® VQ2400, DreamWeaver® VQ3000, XR9550PRW, XS2070, XS2080, XS2100, XS3109, THE Dream Machine® Innov-ís XV8500D, THE Dream Machine® 2 Innov-ís XV8550D

Item # SA208
Alternate Item Numbers 012502649366
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Package Dimensions (may not come in packaging) 8.08 x 11.48 x 2.79 cm (WxHxD)
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