“Repurposeful” Sewing

Posted by Darlene on 2021 Apr 12th

“Repurposeful” Sewing

Whether sewing out of necessity or as a hobby it can be expensive to get going. But I challenge you to look at the way you acquire your fabrics. A trip to the fabric store is not your only resource.

Where to look for fabrics:

Your linen closet: Yes! You probably have a wealth of cotton and cotton blend fabrics sitting on shelves waiting for the opportunity to be redesigned. Towels can be turned into hair turbans, beach cover-ups, hooded baby towels, bags and anything else you come up with.

Sheets, duvet covers, shower curtains, tablecloths, pillow cases and that collection of throws can be made into any variety of clothing, gift items and repurposed home décor. The possibilities are endless. I just cut up a top sheet to line a bbq apron I made from a printed duvet cover no longer in use. I’ve made pjs, shorts, throw pillow covers, cat and dog beds, sun hats, face masks, scarves, quilt binding, sashing and more!

Don’t forget those crocheted doilies and dresser scarves so popular 60 years ago. I had a bag of them from my grandmothers and great aunts. I have used them over the years in projects gifted to family members with a note included to tell them the history. Topstitching them onto background fabric for cushion covers, table runners and even ring bearer pillows have been created from these treasures.

Your clothes closet/storage bins: We all have pieces we haven’t worn for ages or can’t fit into anymore! Cut them up and repurpose. Combine textures and recreate. Cut down and remake for a child. You have a fabric treasure waiting for you!

Second-hand stores: They are great sources for donated fabrics as well as linens and clothing to repurpose. Check coats, jackets and tops for unique buttons for your next project!

Friends and Family: Ask for donations! Everyone is spring cleaning and getting rid of items not being used!

Reusable shopping bags: You know those $1.99 bags we buy at stores! Their front and back panels make great zippered pouches and they wipe down easily!

I’m sure you could add some sources to this list. And save cushion and pillow stuffing to reuse; much cheaper than buying at fabric store!

Have fun looking at the world around you with an eye to ‘Repurposeful’ Sewing!