Janome Ballpoint Needles - Size 14 (5 pack)

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Product Overview

A ballpoint needle is made especially for stretch and elastic materials and tightly woven fabrics. Specially designed with a rounded tip that separates fabric fibers to prevent skipping stitches or damaging fabric. Use for fabrics such as cotton knits, tricot, jersey knits, and swimsuit fabric. Also for sewing medium elastic fabrics that tend to fray.

The head of the ballpoint needle has a snake's head shape due to a combination of both a slightly bulged eye and a reduced blade over the eye. The bulged eye opens a slightly larger space in the material and the thinner blade reduces contact between the needle and the fabric.  This results in a lowering of needle heat up, preventing skip stitches.  The tip is a light ballpoint to separate the fibers rather than cutting, avoiding needle holes in the fabric. The scarf of the needle is deeper allowing for a larger loop for forming the stitch, eliminating skipped stitches. The needle size should be chosen based on the weight of the fabric.

To understand the different types of needles available, view the Janome Needle Guide here. 

  • Size: 14
  • 5 Needles per pack
  • Needle System: 15x1
  • Machine Needle Use: Ball Point / Stretch

Needle types come in an assortment of sizes, choose the needle size for the weight of fabric and weight of thread. Use the chart below as a guide:

*Keep an assortment of needles on hand to make it easy to choose the appropriate needle for each project.

Shaft, Scarf, what is that?

All Janome compatible needles will be the same shape at the shank to sit into the needle clamp – make sure the flat side faces away from you. All needles will be the same length so as not to interfere with the way your machine hook forms the stitch. It is only the size of the shaft and the shape of the tip that determines how your sewing experience differs. Such a small thing can make a huge difference!

So don’t settle for cheap generic needles – their quality and effectiveness can cost you more than their price tag. Use Genuine Janome Sewing Machine Needles to get the best sewing experience.


  • If the thread is breaking or shredding, go up one needle size or try a Top Stitch needle.
  • If the stitches are skipping, change the type of needle point, i.e. Ball Point or Sharp.
  • If the thread is bouncing, go down one size.
  • Check the needle plate, bobbin case and hook often. Any small imperfections may snag the thread as it passes and cause breakage.
  • Clean the machine often.
Part # 990214000
Product Dimensions (needle) 0.2 x 3.9 x 0.1 cm (WxHxD)
Product Dimensions (needle box) 3.0 x 4.5 x 0.7 cm (WxHxD)
Package Dimensions 8.00 x 12.50 x 1.00 cm
Product Weight 0.010 kg
Package Weight 0.015 kg
Shipping Weight ~0.080 kg



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